The vineyards of Penna Lane hug the hillsides of the beautiful Skilly Valley, within the world famous Clare wine region of South Australia.

Nestled beneath Mt Oakden - one of the highest points in the Clare Valley - and the adjoining bushland of the Spring Gully Conservation Park, the estate vineyards comprise Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Semillon varieties.

Planted from 1996 to 1998, the vines receive protection from the harshest of the summer temperatures due to the altitude of the estate. Growing at an elevation of approximately 450 metres, the grapes benefit from a long, slow ripening period, which intensifies their flavour. Mostly dry grown, the vines are watered only during periods of extreme dryness.

The grapes for Penna’s distinctive riesling styles are also grown locally, within the Skilly Valley and Watervale sub-regions of the Clare Valley.

The altitude, climate and soil structure of the vineyards combine to produce award winning wines that are worthy representatives of this beautiful region.